Monday, May 28, 2018

May 28- June 1st

This is going to be a bitter sweet week. It is time to say good- bye to our lovely students but at the same time we know that they are ready to move on in their lives. They are all excited to go to PREK… hooray!!! We will devote this week to have fun. They can also bring toys that they are willing to share with their friends. PLEASE NO ELECTRONICS.
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This week in our Social Studies unit we will be learning about the space. We will be focusing on the sun and the moon, Day/night, kids will learn and understand why the sun comes in the morning and afternoon, and why the moon comes at night and what happens in the space, earth and time while this happens. 

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The “End of the Year Party” will be the last school day, June 1stWe are planning on making a “Pajama Party” at school. We will watch movies, eat pancakes, and play a lot this day. Children will have to bring toys to play with their friends. The food the kids will bring for friday is already set with Ms. Gaby, in the chat of parents. 
So don´t forget to send your kid wearing their pajamas.

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Fue un placer ser la maestra de sus hijos este primer año escolar, cada uno ellos fue increíblemente especial para mí, me enamore de esos corazones tan nobles, sus sonrisas, y abrazos.
Espero tengan un año exitoso en Pre-K, y espero seguirlos viendo, estoy para servirles!
Que tengan unas felices vacaciones.