Thursday, March 15, 2018

March 19th-23rd

Dear Parents,

I hope you had a wonderful time on father´s day celebration at school with your kids, I wish you all a blessed and a happy father´s day!!!
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This coming week we will be learning all about Easter, and we will be reviewing shapes, having a lot of activities and our Easter egg hunt, thanks so much for your collaboration so far!

Stories that we will be learning this week are:

‘’The Very Hungry Caterpillar’’ "Bunny cakes"

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The nursery rhyme will be:

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As I mentioned before we are planning to have our Easter Egg Hunt at school on Friday, March 23rd . We are planning to have a water gun party. and the goodies for this day will be sundays. (ice acream with treats, chocolate syrup and whipped cream)
so we will be requesting to each parent these following things:
*una paila pequeña de ice cream (vainilla y caramelo)
*platos medianos, servilletas y cucharas
*Crema chantilly
*m&m´s (2 bolsitas sin cacahuate)
*Una paila pequeña de Ice cream (napolitano)
* dulces (gomitas)
*jalea de fresa
*1 bolsa dulces variados (estos son para meterlos a los huevos)

Also we are requesting for each child to bring 10 plastic eggs and a basket (bring them on March 21st). The children will use these eggs for the egg hunt day,they can also bring water guns to play and get wet and extra clothes.