Friday, September 1, 2017

Sept. 04-08

Dear Parents,
This week we will be having many amazing activities. We will begin learning about color green. We will be working on color green activities. The vocabulary words we are going to be focusing on are: frog, leaf, turtle, pear, grass and broccoli.
If you have any items at home that are color green, send them over with your child and we will be discussing them in class, we will display them on a table and we will return them back on Friday. The kids get excited to bring things from home.
On Friday the students will have ¨Green dress day¨ Please have your child wear a green piece of clothing. Thanks a lot for your involvement.

Some of the stories that we will be reading this week are:
Image result for green eggs and hamImage result for teaching children philosophy

In our Social Studies class unit we will be reviewing and talking about "My Family" we will be discussing about each member of the family, so they can identify them all, the vocabulary is: Father,mother, brother, sister, and baby, so you can practice at home with your children,Each student will have the chance to talk about their family, what kind of things they do with their families together, what are some families different and alike, and why is so important to love each other within a family.
This coming week this unit will be evaluated on friday.
You can also practice at home the song "family finger" which is the one we sing in our circle time. ( )

The Nursery Rhyme the kids will be learning this coming week is:
Image result for five green speckled frogs "five green speckled frog"

                      Image result for announcements clip art

HONDURAS: Como ya comenzamos el mes de la patria, tenemos varias actividades en el mismo, el día 13 de septiembre en la clase de Motricity se estará exponiendo el Depto. de Atlantida para pre-k y nursery, por lo tanto se les agradecería mucho su colaboración con instrumentos GARIFUNAS DE MARINA, como ser:  adornos, vestimenta, mapa de Honduras, redes de pesca etc.. esto seria traerlo la próxima semana lo antes posible ya que se requiere para decoración, muchas gracias por su apoyo.

CANDY BAG: Last week we asked for a candy bag which is for the use of the behavior chart, every Friday kids who behaved good during the week and filled up the sticker chart will get a candy, this is to reinforce a good behavior in class, thanks again for your help. 

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